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The Routhier / Alwelis Weber Handelsgesellschaft mbH Group of Companies was founded in Strasbourg in 1969. Two years later, the company headquarters moved to Dietzenbach and, in the following year, to Altenstadt.

Originally, French dairy products were distributed exclusively in the German market. In the following years, the range was expanded to include products representing selected European dairies. The company continuously developed and grew its product range with innovative new products and intensifying contacts across the trade. International operations began in the ninetees wiht the distribution of various products in Austria and Switzerland. Within the Routhier/Alwelis group Routhier has focused exclusively on the German market, while Alwelis specialises in all international business.Today, the company sells dairy products in more than 30 countries worldwide. The share of turnover generated outside Germany in 2008 was 45% - with a continuing upward trend. The company is represented by sales agencies in all major European countries, USA and Australia.

The next generation, Michael and Guido Weber, who joined the company in 1984 and 1986 respectively, assumed responsibility for management in 2000. They continue to run the company successfully to this day.

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